Technology and Innovation

Act of Parliament establishing the Commission for Science and Technology under its Part IV has established the Centre for the Development and Transfer of Technology (CDTT). The Centre is to oversee all issues pertaining to technology development and transfer as well as innovation.

The Centre has currently eleven programs ongoing in the furtherance of technology and innovation in the country, these include:-

  • Programme on Fostering Innovation for Sustainable Development 2017-2020. This programme has two components: Innovative Cluster Initiative component and Innovation Fund Component. (list of clusters involved in the program- database)
  • Programme on Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Indicators survey. The programme is being implemented in collaboration with National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). (Tools to be finalised finalizing).
  • Fostering innovation ecosystem in Tanzania through building capacity in establishing and running of innovation spaces. This is being implemented with universities in the country. (reports/manual).
  • Rolling out of the incubation programme in Tanzania, implemented in collaboration with LGAs (model in making/ report).
  • Appropriate Technology Programme. This programme is being implemented in collaboration with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO Report).
  • Bagamoyo Technology Park. This is being implemented in collaboration with Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA).
  • Southern African Innovation Support Programme (SAIS).
  • Programme on Supporting Grassroots Innovators (Manual).
  • Science, Technology and Innovation Awards (guideline).
  • Programme in building capacity in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and assisting innovators in protection of their inventions and innovation
  • COSTECH throught DIEC is currently ac at a focal point for international collaborations aiming at promotion technology and innovation including:-
    1. Southern African Innovation Support Programme (SAIS). The program involve five countries: Tanzania, Bostwana, Namibia, Zambia and South Africa (Calls, Manuals).
    2. Tanzania – South Africa Collaboration in Technology and Innovation. Three programmes are being implemented.
      • Support up scaling of R&D results of joint research projects among Tanzania and South African researchers.
      • Technology Station Programme- Technology and Innovation Agency (TIA) of South Africa to support establishment of a pilot Technology Station in Tanzania.
      • Bilateral ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Programme in digital Health & digital Food Security.