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Funded Projects

Total Count: 101

SN Title Sector Start Date Host Status
91 Novel Techniques on stock Enhancement of Mud crabs (syclla spp) around selected Tanzania Coasts Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 STATE UNIVERSITY OF ZANZIBAR (SUZA) completed
92 Improvement of oxidative and shelf Stability of Locally Processed palm oil: A case of Kyela district Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 MBEYA UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (MUST) completed
93 Transfer of Cashew Technology Using Integrated Cashew Management Program Approach Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 AGRICULTURE RESEARCH INSTITUTE- NALIENDELE completed
94 Enhancement of Infectious Animal Diseases Surveillance and Risk Management for Increased Livestock Production In Southern Zones of Tanzania Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 TANZANIA VETERINARY LABORATORY AGENCY (TVLA)-DAR ES SALAAM completed
95 Enhancement of Technology Transfer to farmers Through Commercialization of Agro-processing Proven Technologies Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 SMALL INDUSTRIES DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION (SIDO) completed
96 Promotion of Technologies to Increase production and utilization of orange fleshed sweet potato varieties for food and nutrition security/ Fast Tracking the Evaluation and Release of Improved High Beta Carotene Sweet potato Varieties forFood and Nutrition Security Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 AGRICULTURE RESEARCH INSTITUTE-KIBAHA completed
97 Assessment of the Potential for commercialization of traditional beef feedlots Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 OPEN UNIVERSITY OF TANZANIA (OUT) completed
98 Improving Field Diagnostic Techniques for Contagious Bovine Pleuropneumonia Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 SOKOINE UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE (SUA) completed
99 Enhancing Utility of proven Agro-Forestry Options to revive the home gardens of Northern Tanzania Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 AGRICULTURE RESEARCH INSTITUTE-SELIAN completed
100 Introduction of promising pastures for improving Demarcated Pastoral Grazing land Productivity and forage Conservation Agricultural Sciences July, 2011 TANZANIA LIVESTOCK RESEARCH INSTITUTE (TALIRI) KONGWA completed