Organisation Structure

The Board of Commissioners and its Committees oversee the  implementation of COSTECH's mandated functions while  the Management team oversees daily operational matters. The management is composed by the office of Director General and four core directorates whose roles are summarized below.

Research Coordination and Promotion (DRCP) Responsible for the coordination of research and Promotion in the organizational strategic objectives focusing on the sectors Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences.

 Cooperate Services (DCS)
Responsible to issues related to financial management, and providing  quality and reliable services in terms of human resources management and  administrative services.

Centre for Development and Transfer of Technology

Responsible to issues related to develop and transfer science technology and innovation.
Knowledge Management
Responsible for all issues relating to communication of science,  technology and innovation information, knowledge translation and  exchange, ICT within the organization, and mobilization of e-resources.

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